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material adj
1 concerned with worldly rather than spiritual interests; "material possessions"; "material wealth"; "material comforts"
2 derived from or composed of matter; "the material universe" [ant: immaterial]
3 directly relevant to a matter especially a law case; "his support made a material difference"; "evidence material to the issue at hand"; "facts likely to influence the judgment are called material facts"; "a material witness" [ant: immaterial]
4 concerned with or affecting physical as distinct from intellectual or psychological well-being; "material needs"; "the moral and material welfare of all good citizens"- T.Roosevelt
5 having material or physical form or substance; "that which is created is of necessity corporeal and visible and tangible" - Benjamin Jowett [syn: corporeal] [ant: incorporeal]
6 having substance or capable of being treated as fact; not imaginary; "the substantial world"; "a mere dream, neither substantial nor practical"; "most ponderous and substantial things"- Shakespeare [syn: substantial, real] [ant: insubstantial]


1 the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object; "coal is a hard black material"; "wheat is the stuff they use to make bread" [syn: stuff]
2 information (data or ideas or observations) that can be used or reworked into a finished form; "the archives provided rich material for a definitive biography"
3 things needed for doing or making something; "writing materials"; "useful teaching materials"
4 artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers; "the fabric in the curtains was light and semitraqnsparent"; "woven cloth originated in Mesopotamia around 5000 BC"; "she measured off enough material for a dress" [syn: fabric, cloth, textile]
5 a person judged suitable for admission or employment; "he was university material"; "she was vice-presidential material"

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From materialis, from materia.


  1. Having to do with matter.
    This compound has a number of interesting material properties.
  2. Worldly, as opposed to spiritual.
    Don't let material concerns get in the way of living a good life.
  3. significant
    You've made several material contributions to this project.
    This is the most material fact in this lawsuit.


related to matter
  • Galician: significativo , significativa
  • Spanish: significativo, significativa


  1. Matter which may be shaped or manipulated, particularly in making something.
    Asphalt, composed of oil and sand, is a widely used material for roads.
  2. Cloth to be made into a garment.
    You'll need about a yard of material to make this.
  3. (entertainment) Things written to be performed.
    We were a warm-up act at the time; we didn't have enough original material to headline.
  4. A person who is qualified for a certain position or activity.
    Joe Manchin is a great governor, and I also believe he is presidential material.


  • Danish: materiale
  • Dutch: materiaal , grondstof
  • Finnish: materiaali, raaka-aine
  • French: matériau
  • Galician: material
  • German: Material, Rohstoff
  • Japanese: 物質 (busshitsu)
  • Norwegian: materiale
  • Spanish: material
  • Swedish: material
  • Danish: materiale, stof
  • Dutch: materiaal
  • German: Material
  • Japanese: 資料 (shiryō), 題材 (daizai)
  • Norwegian: stoff
  • Swedish: material

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Crimean Tatar


materialis - material, substantial.





Useinov-Mireev 2002}}



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Materials are physical substances used as inputs to production or manufacturing. Raw materials are first extracted or harvested from the earth and divided into a form that can be easily transported and stored, then processed to produce semi-finished materials. These can be input into a new cycle of production and finishing processes to create finished materials, ready for distribution and consumption.
An example of a raw material is cotton, which can be processed into thread, which can then be woven into cloth, a semi-finished material. Cutting and sewing the fabric turns it into a garment, which is a finished material. Steelmaking is another example—raw materials are mined, refined and processed into steel, a semi-finished material. Steel is then used as an input in many other industries to make finished products.
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Adamic, Circean, Formica, Masonite, Philistine, a propos, ab ovo, absolute, abundance, accumulation, actual, ad rem, adducible, admissible, air, amassment, animal, animalistic, apparatus, appertaining, applicable, applying, apposite, appreciable, appropriate, apropos, asphalt, atom, atomic particles, atoms, attestative, attestive, authentic, backlog, ballpoint pen, basal, based on, basic, beastlike, beastly, bedrock, being, belonging, bestial, bibliography, big, big-league, big-name, big-time, bigwig, bigwigged, blackboard, blacktop, bodily, body of knowledge, body of learning, brick, brutal, brute, brute matter, brutish, budget, building block, canvas, cardinal, carnal, carnal-minded, carpeting, central, certain, chalk, chemical element, circumstantial, clapboard, cloth, coarse, cobblestone, collection, commissariat, commissary, component, components, conclusive, concrete, consequential, considerable, constituent, constituents, constitutive, convincing, core, cork tile, cornucopia, corporal, corporeal, crayon, cumulation, cumulative, cyclopedia, damning, data, decisive, determinative, distillate, distillation, documentary, documentation, documented, documents, double-barreled, drapery, dump, earth, earthly, earthshaking, earthy, element, elemental, elementary, elementary particle, elementary unit, elements, elixir, encyclopedia, entity, equipment, eraser, essence, essential, etoffe, evidential, evidentiary, ex parte, eye-witness, fabric, facts, factual, fallen, felt, fiber glass, figures, final, fire, firsthand, flag, flagging, flagstone, fleshly, flooring, focal, founded on, fundamental, fundamental particle, gear, germane, gist, goods, grand, great, gross, grounded on, gut, habiliments, heap, hearsay, heart, heavyweight, high-powered, hoard, hyle, hylic, hypostasis, implicit, important, in point, incontrovertible, indicative, indispensable, indisputable, individual, information, ingredient, ink, inkhorn, inkstand, inkwell, inventory, invisible ink, involving, irrefutable, irresistible, kernel, lace, lapsed, larder, lay, lead pencil, life-and-death, life-or-death, linoleum, literature, lore, macadam, machinery, major, marrow, mass, material world, materialistic, materiality, materials, materiate, materiel, matter, meaningful, means, meat, medium, molecule, momentous, monad, mundane, munitions, name, napery, natural world, nature, nib, nonspiritual, notes, nub, nuncupative, object, objective, of the essence, of vital importance, orgiastic, original, outfit, overwhelming, palpable, pantile, paper, papers, paraphernalia, parquet, pavement, pavestone, paving, pen, perceptible, pertaining, pertinent, phenomenal, physical, physical world, pile, pith, plasterboard, plenitude, plenty, plenum, plume, plywood, ponderable, postlapsarian, presumptive, primal, primary, primitive, probative, provisionment, provisions, publications, quill, quintessence, radical, rag, rations, real, reed, relevant, reliable, repertoire, repertory, research, resources, rick, roofage, roofing, roofing paper, sap, secular, self-important, sensible, sensual, serious, shake, sheathing board, sheeting, shingle, siding, significant, silk, slate, solid, somatic, soul, spirit, spun glass, stack, statistics, stencil, stock, stock-in-trade, stockpile, stone, store, store of knowledge, stores, stuff, style, stylograph, stylus, substance, substantial, substantive, substratum, suggestive, sum and substance, superior, supplies, supply on hand, sure, swinish, sympathetic ink, symptomatic, system of knowledge, table, tablet, tackle, tackling, tangible, tar paper, telling, temporal, terrestrial, textile, textile fabric, texture, thatch, the four elements, tile, tilestone, tiling, tissu, tissue, to the point, to the purpose, treasure, treasury, treasury of information, true, underlying, unit of being, unspiritual, valid, veneer, vital, wainscoting, wallboard, walling, wallpaper, water, weatherboard, weave, web, weft, weighty, wood, woof, wool, world-shaking, worldly
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